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Committee for disclosing and announcing affiliation of bulgarian citisens to the State Security and the intelligence services of the Bulgarian national Army



Access and Disclosure of Documents and Announcing Affiliation of Bulgarian Citizens to the State Security and the Intelligence Services of the Bulgarian National Arm?d Services Act, 19.12.2006

Law on Declaring the Criminal Nature of the Communist Regime in Bulgaria, 05.2000

Decision no 10 of september 22, 1997 on constitutional case no 14/97

TO: Prof. Ognian Gerdzhikov
Chairman of the National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria

Mr. Symeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
Prime minister of Republic of Bulgaria

Mass media

of the Institute for Study of Communist Crimes in Bulgaria

Mr. Chairman,
Ladies and Gentlemen

The draft for alteration and complement of the Law for protection of the classified information (LPCI), adopted on 6. 1. 2005 by the Council of Ministers, gives the possibility of destruction of secret materials with expired term of protection in different departments without any control on the part of the State Commission of Information Security. This creates preconditions for destruction of archivalia with exceptional historical and reference value which are not yet studied at all.

Almost two years the declassified decrees of the law are not enforced by number of state institutions among which Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence and National Intelligence Service which do not deliver materials with expired term of protection in the States Archives. It leads to flagrant break of the right for information access proclaimed by the Constitution.

In defence of public interest we appeal:

  • During the discussions on the bill in the National Assembly to adopt a text interdicting expressly the destruction of archivalia dated before April 1990.

  • To adopt an amendment excluding the application of the Law for personal data to this archivalia.

  • In the departmental commissions for examination of archival patrimony to include compulsory experts from the Central Archives Administration at the Council of Ministers.

  • To adopt a procedure by which the heads of administrative units to be under imperative obligation to announce in a due public way the opening of the all kind of secret archivalia.

  • To adopt a decree allowing the citizens to appeal through the court the decisions of the departmental commissions for destruction of secret materials with expired term of protection.

We appeal to the Council of Ministers and the State Commission of Information Security to take immediately the indispensable resolutions for implementation of LPCI in the part of delivering of materials with expired term of protection in the State Archives.

We appeal to Prime minister Mr. Symeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha with an exhortation to take measures to carry into practice the political will declared by him in October 1994 to deliver the archivalia in the State Archives in order to become openly accessible and to eliminate the actual hindrances for their study by historians and citizens.

Kalin Manolov

Institute for Study of Communist Crimes in Bulgaria

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