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Open Letter of the Institute for Study of Communist Crimes in Bulgaria


Committee for disclosing and announcing affiliation of bulgarian citisens to the State Security and the intelligence services of the Bulgarian national Army



Access and Disclosure of Documents and Announcing Affiliation of Bulgarian Citizens to the State Security and the Intelligence Services of the Bulgarian National Arm?d Services Act, 19.12.2006

Law on Declaring the Criminal Nature of the Communist Regime in Bulgaria, 05.2000

Decision no 10 of september 22, 1997 on constitutional case no 14/97


On 15 January 2005 in Sofia was founded a nonprofit association Institute for Study of Communist Crimes in Bulgaria called from here on the Institute. The Institute aims at studying the communist ideology and practice by analyzing and assessing the infiltration, the development and the activities of the communism in Bulgaria, informing the public opinion in Bulgaria and abroad about its crimes, and gathering proves for them which will contribute to its moral condemnation.

The rule of the Bulgarian Communist Party which begins in 1944 by single crimes and goes to massacre, after that build as a criminal system of government preceded by a quarter century of civil war of Bulgarian communists against Bulgarian society, by assaults, "uprisings" and acts of terrorism, the truth about which should be divulged.

In May 2000 the Thirty-eight National Assembly adopted a Law for declaration of Communist regime as criminal one. The heritage of the former Communist regime was by no means open up. Bulgarian society do not punished at all the communists for their crimes, do not remove them from the power and the politics, do allow them to substitute the truth about the past and to assume full control over mass media. This leads to multiple and extremely dangerous consequences for the democratic process in Bulgaria, described in the Resolution 1096 of the Council of Europe from 27 June 1996 as "establishing a regime of oligarchy instead of democracy, of corruption instead of legal state, and of organized criminality instead of human rights respect.

That is why the founders of the Institute for Study of Communist Crimes in Bulgaria do believe that the association with the announced aims is not only necessary, but also indispensable, and, with feeling of social responsibility, they assume the mission for setting it up.

The constitutors - historians, journalists, scientists and public figures are led by the conviction, that it is about high time to determine the real amount of the crimes and the victims of the communist terror in Bulgaria, to inflict the moral responsibility for these crimes upon Bulgarian Communist Party and its successor Bulgarian Socialist Party, and to impose penal prosecution against the particular perpetrators of crimes against Humanity for which there is no prescription.

The President of the Managing Committee of the Institute is Kalin Manolov - journalist. Vice-President is Stoyan Gruychev - social man. Members of the Managing Committee are Prof. Dr. Plamen Tsvetkov, historian, Assoc. Prof. Evelina Kelbecheva, historian, Dr. Nikola Kazanski, economist, Emilia Tsnakova, theatre producer, Hristo Troanski, writer.

Contact persons:
Kalin Manolov - mob. 0888 705 849, email: kalin@fd-bg.com
Stoyan Gruychev - tel. 858 20 54

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