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Will the State Security receive access to the NATO secrets
by General Atanas Atanasov

Condemning communism - the Bulgarian example
by Professor Plamen S. Tzvetkov, Ph.D.

...In the context of the draft resolution on 'the need for international condemnation of totalitarian communism', Bulgaria has suffered the brunt of 'killings of people without any judiciary process or the passing of death sentences after the fact of the killing'. The so-called 'People's Tribunal', set up in the early days following the invasion of Soviet troops into Bulgarian territory in September 1944, was in fact meant to give a modicum of legality to a small part of the murders committed by local communists on orders from Moscow. The Tribunal passed 2,700 death sentences, of which 200 on persons already killed, while the total number of people exterminated in the first months and years of Soviet occupation is estimated at some 30,000.

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Is it Too Late to Condemn Communism
by Kalin Yanakiev

...Yes, I agree that communism both as ideological belief and as practice is virtually nonexistent in this country. The few exceptions may not be taken in consideration. But see - there are no communists and no communism in this country not at all the way there is no nazism in Germany, for instance. Because in Germany, the active, conscientious nazis disappeared after they were sentenced, some even executed. While in Bulgaria, communists of the same rank no longer exist because they turned into owners of the largest shares - stolen, not earned by them - of capital, and for this reason - into behind-the-scenes conductors of our political destiny.

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Trials, Purges and History Lessons
by Timothy Ash

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Denazification - decommunization - the case of Iraq - examples of treatment of former criminal authoritarian regimes
By Dr Sdrafko Tzankoff

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25 Years Later. The Assassination of Georgi Markov
by Richard Cummings, Former director of security, RFE/RL

Program for decommunization and democratization of Bulgaria
by Kalin Manolov

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Facts about Lovech and Scravena camps kept in silence
Chisto Christov

Journalist Chisto Christov from the Bulgarian newspaper 'Democracy' investigates two of the Bulgarian concentration camps.

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The psychiatrical GULAG
Vladimir Bukovsky

Extract from the book "Moskow trial"

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Prof. Milenkov: "Bulgarian Communist Party and abuses in psychiatry"
Veronica Bikova interview

Every psychiatrist, every physician, who has practised in a psychiatric hospital in communist times, can confirm that it was a normal practice to receive two bus loads at a time with 40 passengers each and being told that these people will stay because there is doubt that they might be mentally ill.

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An Open Letter
by Todor Yanakiev

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The Red Terror
by Boris Sokolov

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