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Resolution 1096 (1996) on measures to dismantle the heritage of former communist totalitarian systems

Doc. 7568 3 June 1996
Measures to dismantle the heritage of former communist totalitarian systems

International Round Table Discussion “PACE Resolution 1096 and the Problems of Its Enforcement in Some Countries of the Former Socialist Camp”

Dear Mr. Van Der Linden,

The condemnation of communism is first and foremost a moral act, which Europe is obliged to perform in defence of its own value system and its own identity. Europe is betraying its own self if it keeps on pretending not to know anything about the appalling crimes of communism from the near past as if they had never existed. The European peoples are uniting themselves on the basis of a common value system, which has always been rejected by communism, both theoretically and practically. The free and responsible individual personality, which constitutes the essence of the European character, has not only been theoretically repudiated, but has been physically destroyed by communism. Passing over a crime in silence is a complicity in a crime. The illusion of a great many Western intellectuals who continue to hold the opinion that communism in itself is good but its implementation has allegedly been wrong, should be overcome. Half a century prior to Reagan’s uttering the “Empire of evil”, the Russian philosopher N. Berdyaev described Bolshevik power as “Satanocracy”.

By condemning communism, Western Europe is also fulfilling a moral duty it owes the Eastern European peoples, whose sufferings under communism have been part of the price paid for the prosperity of Western Europe.

The condemnation of communism is needed not only in order to restore the truth about the past, it is even more needed today especially by the peoples who are presently liberating themselves of it. The Bulgarian people as a whole has not yet recognized the fact that the reason for all our present difficulties has been communism. The simple truth that we have been driven to poverty because we have lived under communism , has not been realized by the majority of people. In addition to the murders, the death camps, the terror and the devaluation of human life, a multitude of facts continuing to be at work and hampering our progress even nowadays, should be taken into consideration. First and foremost is the annihilation of the moral principles of the Bulgarian community and the destruction of the Bulgarian state craftsmanship. which should now have to be rebuilt- the legislation, the institutions, the civil associations, the rules of social behaviour. Communism has deeply affected the customs of life and the mentality of the Bulgarian people. It is communism which has caused us to lag behind by a whole epoch as far as modern technologies are concerned. Socialist industrialization, which has demanded so many sacrifices and efforts on the part of several generations of Bulgarians, has turned out to be a stone, tied to the neck of the Bulgarian economy and bearing it down. The people, who believed in communism and have devoted their lives to the unwanted socialist construction, have been pained by the acknowledgement that all their labour and endeavors have been in vain. The condemnation of communism has also been necessary in order to be able to detect its mimicries under various forms and names and so that we could reconvalesence from the grave post-communist illness of which we have suffered.

On behalf of all the members of the National Club for Democracy , we would like to present to you our support and gratitude for all your efforts for the international condemnation of communism,

Yours faithfully,
I am,
Professor Christo Balarew
President of the National Club For Democracy

26 July, 2003


Sofia, 15th July 2003

Dear Mr. van der Linden,

It was with great satisfaction that we received the proposal for an international discussion of totalitarian Communism by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which you and a group of representatives of the European People's Party made, together with the European Democrats.

Bulgaria was one of the countries which suffered immensely under Communism and we still feel the consequences of the regime to this day. Hence our particular understanding of the importance of this act. Without this condemnation democracy in Europe would not be true democracy. Now we not only feel ourselves part of a democratic Europe, but also appreciate the compassion for what the Bulgarian people have lived through for decades.

Thanking you for your initiave,

We are,

Binka Vazova, Prof. Boryana Piriova, Prof. Dimitar Nenow, Ivailo Petrov, Prof. Ivan Kirkov, Iliana Battembergska, Prof. Lazar Nikolov, Prof. Michail Ognyanov, Prof. Nashan Ahababyan, Prof. Christo Anastassov

Binka Vazova is a famous graphic artist from the family of people's poet Ivan Vazov (she is now 94 years old),
Prof. Boryana Piriova is a physiology doctor and lecturer at the Medical University in Sofia for many years,
Prof. Dimitar Nenow is a physicochemist belonging to the famous Bulgarian school of physical chemistry (founded by Prof. Ivan Stranski ), associate member of the Institute of Physical Chemistry to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Prof. Ivan Kirov is an artist, a famous Bulgarian painter and lecturer at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia,
Iliana Batembergska is a famous piano player and an associate professor at the State Academy of Music in Sofia,
Prof. Lazar Nikolov is a composer, Chair of the Bulgarian Composers Union for many years and a lecturer at the State Academy of Music in Sofia,
Prof. Mihail Ognianov is a physician, immunologist and a publicist, lecturer at the Medical University in Sofia for many years,
Prof. Nushan Ahababian is a nuclear physicist at the Institute of Nuclear Physics to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Prof. Hristo Anastasov is an architect, Assistant at the Institute of Architecture to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, for many years teaching architecture at the Institute of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia (now he is 92 years old and is a doyen of the Bulgarian architects)


Sofia, 16th August 2003

To Mr. Rene van der Linden
Sponsor of the draft resolution on the necessity of internationally condemning totalitarian communism

To Members, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

We the undersigned are a group of Bulgarian citizens that got together through communicating on the Internet and we share the belief that communism must be condemned officially and with all due legal effect.

We therefore support the draft resolution on the necessity of internationally condemning communism introduced by Mr. Rene van der Linden.

Communism, as an inalienable part of its essence, requires a centralized government leadership in all activities and nationalization of all means of production, including all services. This can’t be accomplished except by violence, and that’s how it has always been done. A communist regime annihilates everything that supports and enables the human personality to develop freely: property, economic and intellectual initiative, freedom of travel, access to information, freedom of religion and conscience. All countries where a communist regime was imposed were brought to an economic collapse. Yet even more fearsome was the spiritual harm inflicted on society. Generations have lost the memory of a normal life.

Passing a resolution internationally condemning communism is a necessary and exceptionally important breakthrough in the development of European nations. Such a resolution would, by its legal effect, become a turning point in restoring the adequate rule of law. Currently, the consequences of the malignant practices of communism still exist and influence the societies of Eastern Europe. Until they are not condemned, the very notion of the rule of law will be deprived of its immanent and natural meaning. It will take a revolution to bring up to speed the process of normalization of the societies, victimized by the practices of “scientific communism”. It will be a warning for the other nations of the dangers hidden in aggressive social utopias.

We lived through the times of communism, experiencing its inhumanity on our backs, and we have a clear idea as to what extent the lack of an explicit condemnation of this criminal theory and practice by the authoritative international bodies is hindering today the overcoming of its consequences.

Therefore, on the grounds of our life experiences and the near history of our nation, we call upon the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to adopt the proposed draft resolution condemning communism.

E. Aleksandrov, Borislav Scotchev, Daniela Gorcheva, Ivan Ivanov, Uppsala, Sweden, dr Sdrafko Tzankoff, prof. Venko Beschkov, Todor Velchev, Mihail Pramatarov, Ivo Lalov, Zhana Petkova, Yuri Hristov, Vasko Vasilev, Radomir Grigorov, Aleksander Ukov, Kalin Manolov, Ivanka Markovska, dr Boyanka Karabasheva, Roumen Karabashev, Vassilka Tzvetanova, Valentin Haralmpiev, Milen Radev, Diana Hristova, Victor Borisov, Vessela Ilieva, Tzonko Tzonev, Plamen Simeonov, Alex Hadjidiev, Vitka Zaharieva, Petya Stefanova, Elena Sluiter, Nikolaj Hristov, Dobri Genev, Assen Kanev, Borislav Bonev, Ilka Yazova, Nikolai Kulev, Vanja Ilieva, Vassil Mangalov, Mariana Popova, Simeon Simeonov, Maria Ilieva, Dimiter Iliev, Georgi Vulchev, Nadezhda Gocheva, Antoaneta Lubomirova, Vera Atanasova, Mariana Ilieva, Tanya Dragolova, Vassil Antonov, Dr. Neli Hadjiyska, Dr. Valentin Hadjiyski, Antonia Ivanova, Georgitca Georgieva, Kristina Andreeva, Chavdar Todorov, Petya Vladimirova, Reni Neschkova, Lubomir Danchev, Nayden Mechkarov, Polya Mechkarova, dr Margarita Gotzeva, Daniel Kamburov, Jovka Stojnova, Maria Bozoukova, Hristo Karaivanov, Boyan Damyanov, Roman Dimitrov, Kalin Michailov, Ognian Lubomirov, Borislav Viktorov, Adriana Georgieva, Vanya Pencheva, V. Konstantinov, Rumen Nikolov, Spas Mladenov, Viktor Zlatkov, Elena Radicheva, Rositza Manolova, Atanas Atanasov, Dr. Christo Dimov, Katia Stoimenova, Vlado Lubenov, Maria Arsenieva, Edvin Sugarev, Veronika Bikova, Radan Kaneff, Plamen Alexandrov, George Donchev, Jordan Popov, Olga Mihailova Dancheva, Nikolai Mihailov Danchev, prof. Plamen S. Tzvetkov, Polya Tzanova, Anetka Tzanova, Hristo Daskalov, Stanislav Nikolaev, Ekaterina Stratieva, Irma Dimitrova , Maya Yordanova, Georgi M. Daskalov, Elena G. Balabanova-Daskalova, Maria-Nona F. Tchipeva, Mihail G. Daskalov, Dr. Bojidar Kojuharov, Dr. Sevdalin Ogoiski, Ivan Yakimov, Dr. Yordan Mutsev, Lilia Mutseva, Christo Dragnev, Neli Mehocheva, Christo Mehochev, Miryana Poneva, Antonela Poneva, Violetka Yosifova Kaneva, Boyan Milenov Kaneff, Milen Boyanov Kaneff, Dr. Christo Bankov, Varna (Bulgaria), Dr. Kristian Bankov, Bologna (Italy), Eng. Krastan Bankov, Sofia, Salvatore Bankov, Sofia, Asparuh Bankov, Sofia, Plamena Vladimirova, Elena Mineva, Ivan Minev, Neycho Todorov, Liliana Dicova, Dr Maria Hristova, Georgi Gekov, Meri Gekova, Raina Iotsova, Anastassia Lessova, Demetra Lessova, Maria Peicheva, Liubomir Peichev, Peicho Peichev, Tsvetanka Razsukanova, Liubomir Razsukanov, Bistra Petkova, Vaska Dermendjieva, Hristo Dermendjiev, Maria Dermendjieva, Stefana Georgieva, Stoitse Andreev, Radka Andreeva, Antonia Sofokina, Liubka Mincheva, Atanas Atanasov, Stefanka Yordanova, Nikolina Duneva, Dunio Dunev, Lilia Jeleva, Metodi Stanev, Katerina Staneva, Margarita Staneva, Aglika Ikonomova, prof. Peshka Stoeva, Zachari Zachariev, Ivan Simeonov, Irina Uzunova, Prof. Dr. Sofia Shishmanova, Boriana Glavleshka, Dr. Nikola Tuleshkov, Magdalena Vringova, Aphrodita Vringova, Ilia Todorov, Veliana Naidenova, arch. Veselin Petkanchin, Dr. Ivana Petkanchin, Ana-Maria Ivanova, Eng. Kiril Ivanov, Nikolai Rupov, Evgenia Rupova, Tsvetana Velcheva, Dimitar Venev, Kiril Dechev, Maria Velcheva, Evgeni Alexandrov, Christina Vringova, Constantin Vringov, Angel Petrov, Petar Petrov, Boyan Nikolov, Asenka Nikolova, Georgi Kabaivanov, Todorka Kabaivanova, Mariyka Tepavicharova, Prof. Ilko Karagiozov, Stefka Karagiozova, Dr. Paskal Konstantinov, Sofka Tumbeva, Elena Tumbeva, Dora Ignatova, Neviana Nedyalkova, Evgenia Kojuharova, Angel Yordanov, Greti Stefanova, Dimitar Yanchev, Ivan Yanchev, Dr. Georgi Manev, Milanka Bicheva, Vessela Bogdanova, Yoshka Lakovska, Boris Angelov, Elena Angelov, Philip Angelov, Simeon Angelov, Slavka Daskalova, Yordan Daskalov, Nikolay Daskalov, Valentina Dragomirova, Iskra Mihaylova Racheva, Valeri Penchev Dimitrov, Tenko Cholakov, Eleonora Petrovska, Pavel Petrovski, Eng. Venceslava-Nadya Stanoeva, Prof. Dimitrina Milanova Mitova-Djonova, Vesselina Boyanova Dimitrova-Spasova, Janet Yakimova, Vera Maznikova, Ekaterina Alexandrova Aleksieva, Dr. Tomichka Mladenova Aleksieva-Alexandrova, Paraskeva Evstatieva, Fidanka Iv. Beneva, Radka Slavcheva, Slavcho Slavchev, Slav Emilov Todorov, Dr. Stephan Slavchev, Hristina Ilieva, Magda Mihailova, Lyubomir Mihailov, Janina Kostadinova, Ivan Mladenov


Dear Mr. Rene van der LINDEN,

I am Bulgarian citizen and emigrant who is living now in Los Angeles USA. My mother country was ruined in economic, moral and physical condition for last almost 60 years! One of the reason for that is the unblame of the communism (like sistem of terror and like way of thinking)!

All my life was broken as so many other people. When I was 15 years old I had a wish to kill the communist dictator Todor Zivkov.

I have three attempts to leave my country - all of them unsuccessful.

I waited six years to win in Green Card Lottery and to depart for USA.

Here is why:
My country is still living with the economic and media power of the previous and current communist people and businessmans. That is why every step in right direction is so difficult and slow.

I am fifty years old and I, my wife and my daughter can not wait!
We started our life here in USA from the zero level. But...the all of the world must to know why too many people are forced to make this choice!

Thank You for your draft resolution! It is my only requittal and solace.

The world must to know.
The people must to know.

With my gratitude,
Rumen Georgiev



I from all my heart CONDEMN Communism.

Today with happiness and with relief I add my signature, and HOPE with all my heart of the just condemnation of a regime that killed, tortured and destroyed millions.

From one who lost everybody and everything and does not want to see it happen again…maybe to YOU or your children.



Sehr geehrter Herr van den Linden,
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Ich möchte mich ihrer Initiative zur Verurteilung des Kommunismus gerne anschließen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Jorjeta Bojanova



Dear Sir,

We write to you to express our complete support of the project for resolution wich aim is the condemnation of communism. We are born in Bulgaria and more then 40 years of our lives passed under the severe communist regime. That's why we completely agree with contents of your project.
We see in this project a step to elimination of one striking injustice - the silence of the world community about the bigest crime of XX century - the communist regime.

With best wishes:
Maria Veleva and Stephan Velev, Sofia, Bulgaria


I would be grateful if you add my name to the list of those who have signed the letter supporting the initiative of Mr. Van der Linden. I avail myself of the opportunity to make a short comment.

In the Central and Eastern European countries communism cannot be divided from the Russian and Soviet imperialism. Due to everlasting Russian pretences towards our territory and history, in Bulgaria the communist practices were the most vicious of all Eastern Block countries. This truth reveals another dimension of the communists' crime - namely the national betrayal, and gives further explanation to the fact that unlike Spain or Greece in Central and Eastern European countries reconciliation with the past is impossible.

Yordan Popov


Dear Mr Rene van der LINDEN,

Please accept our support for a resolution against the worldwide spreaded comunist virus.
Let the people all around the world remember and tell their children about this evil called comunizm.
We lived most of our lives in comunist country and we know, but the people from the west hemisphere are not aware of the danger..
There are still counties around the world, where comunist regeems are still strong, supported by dirty money (weapons, drugs, prostitution....).

That's why we need this resolution and we support it with all our hearts!

Julian Kavazov
Violeta Kavazova
Dimitar Kavazov


To:Mr. Rene van der Linden
Chairman EPP/CD

Dear Mr. Linden

I am Bulgarian, 41 years old. My name is Kalin Manolov and for 13 years now I have been working sa a freelance journalist at the Bulgarian section of Radio Free Europe, Sofia. I am the moderator of a daily morning broadcast, two weekly talk-shows and a weekly wrap-up political program, all of them discussing topical political home events.

I firmly support the forthcoming adoption of the PACE resolution on the international condemnation of communism. I signed a leeter to this effect, sent to you by a group of Bulgarian citizens, communicating via the Internet.

Still I find the symbolic act of adopting a resolution insufficient to get rid of the consequenses of communism in Bulgaria which for over half a century was Soviet Union's closest satelite.This is why, in July this year, on my own initiative and rasing my own funds, I published a booklet called Communism. This booklet contains excerpts from Stephan Courtois' Black book of communism, CE's Resolution 1096 (of 27 June 1996), Bulgarian Law Declaring Communism as a Crime (of 5 May 2000) and a Program for Decommunization and Democratization of Bulgaria, created by myself, whose English translation I am enclosing to you.

I'd appreciate it if during deliberations of the Draft Resolution on 8 September 2003 and over talks and discussions with Bulgarian politicians and political organizations you take into consideration the actual need of decommunization in Bulgaria, a tentative model of which I take the liberty to offer to your attention.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kalin Tzvetanov Manolov, Journalist


People from East Europe who highly appreciate democracy are very concerned about this amoral decease, which could affect the West and the whole process of democratization in Europe. A fear still exists in the countryside and people living there need the moral support of the civilized world.

Anastas Barbov,
Smolian (Bulgaria)


Dear Mr. Van der Linden,

I am writing this letter to express my support for your motion for a resolution for the international condemnation of communism. As a native of Bulgaria, I understand the enormous damage done by the totalitarian communist regimes, and I believe people around the world should be made aware of the violations of human rights and the mass crimes committed under those regimes. Passing this resolution would help prevent repeating this horrible history.

Nadezhda Veleva, U.S.A


Wholeharted support for PACE's anticommunist resolution.

Milcho Spasov, freelance journalist
Sofia, Bulgaria


Dear Sir,

I would like to express my full support of the draft resolution proposed to PACE for international condemnation of the totalitarian communism.
I consider the exclusion of the communism and bolshevism from the international condemnation and trials as it was done to the national socialism in Germany, fascism in Italy and prewar imperialism of Japan as highly unfair to the millions victims of the communist tyranny.
I hope you will not diminish your efforts to pas as an official document of PACE the proposed resolution.

Faithfully yours,
Ivan Minchev
Sofia, Bulgaria


I strongly support the initiative to condemn communism! Let the future resolution against communism be in memoriam of the millions of victims! I really hope that the world will pay due attention to the present communist regimes' atrocities.

Plamena Vladimirova
Varna (Bulgaria)


Mr. Rene van der Linden
Chairman EPP/CD
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Dear Mr. Rene van der Linden,

Please, add our names to the list of the Bulgarian citizens expressing their support to the proposal for the need of international sentence of the totalitarian communism (Doc. No 9875 / 10th July, 2003 of PACE) with an Open letter dated 15th July and a letter dated 25th August 2003.

The assessment of communism is a duty of our generation – all the people contemporaries of the communist regimes. The morality and the historical honesty demand it. The lack of a substantial act of a generally recognized international organization already gives – and will continue to generate – inadequacies and vicious deficits with unpredictable depth and consequences in the value system of generations ahead – East and West.

2nd September 2003

Dr. Boris Boyadjiev, Dr.Vesselka Christova, Dr.Hristo Hinkov, Dr.Michail Okoliyski, Valentina Boyadjieva, Jordan Boyadjiev, Raina Vladimirova



Union “Truth”
September 2, 2003
Central Management Memo Number #31
“Evlogi Georgiev” Blvd, #9
Phone: ++359 963 46 09

Members of the Bulgarian Union “TRUTH” and their families, bound by the bylaws and the program of the union, stand the position of legal conviction of the Communism regime as a world wide system, based on terror and repression of human rights.

In connection to the proposed resolution of PASE/, dated June 19, 2003 regarding the conviction of the Totalitarian Communist regime, we express our complete support even when acknowledging that worldwide this document and the follow up actions are late.

In the name of 1486 members of the Union and their families-

Chairman: (signature)
Professor Georgi Markov, Ph. D
Secretary: (signature) Dianko Georgiev

Joining to the list of the members, signed the memo from the Bulgarian Union “TRUTH” –
Dimitar Penev Dimitrov
Vera Tzvetanova Mihailova, Ph. D


I support the international sentence of communism as a criminal doctrine and the most inhuman social practice!

Angel Iv. Grancharov, philosopher
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


I willingly support the condemnation of the most inhuman political and economic regime in the history of mankind, called communism.
Maybe it's too late, but in order to protect people in the free world from the tempting thought of equality, we must tell them about the price - thousands of people killed, deprived of their rights of property, vote, expression, religious rights and ambitions. I hope we well never witness the horror of communism again.

Daniela Dragneva


I am full with your resolution proposed to the PACE for international condemnation of communism agree, but I send 3 letters to PACE-Strasbourg to Mr Atkinson and Mr Gelerod. I wish juristical punishment of communistical crimes, but I have not became any answer from PACE!! Why?

Peter Stanchev


Dear Mr. van der Linden,

My name is Stoyan Kadiev. I am 56 years old, a civil engineer and I strongly desire the adoption of the CEPA Resolution condemning totalitarian and post totalitarian communism as well as the adoption of another Resolution especially for Bulgaria and a Program for decommunization of Bulgaria. That is because my family suffered from communism. My sister was ruined in a hospital for mental diceases in the mid-70s and has been on disability pension since then. None of the members of my family had normal professional careers during or after communist times. And the reason for all that is my father building a school in 1937 and a church in our hometown Karjali and him being awarded a medal for merits by King Boris the Third. Communism is still ruling Bulgaria through the mafia structures.

With deep respect
Eng. Kadiev


Dear Mr. van der Linden:

I would like to express my full support for the draft resolution for international condemnation of totalitarian communism, proposed to the PACE. It is an irony of fate, that surviving the Cold War, the western societies are largely ignorant about the crimes of communism. I have lived for several years in the United States and have witnessed a powerful stream of information, including movies, books, TV programs and school lessons condemning the crimes of Nazism. In the same time, there was very little discussion about the evils of the communist regimes, which have affected many more people for much longer time than Nazism.

Yesterday my 13-year-old son told me that a friend of his thought about communism as a good idea, that was corrupted by the cruel dictator Stalin! Could you imagine a similar statement about the Nazism and Hitler? How many people know that communism was a social experiment performed dozens of times and invariably led to disastrous results! The evidence is so overwhelming, that the inevitability of large-scale human suffering in a communist society seems almost like a law of Nature. The free people can remain free only if they never forget the suffering of millions of victims in communist and other totalitarian societies.

With best regards,
Momchil Velkovsky, Nashville, USA


Dear Mr. Van der Linden,

My name is Krasimir Kosturkov from Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm glad to express my position that for me communism is a terrible theory and practice.

Krasimir Kosturkov


Dear Mr. van der Linden,

The communist practice and ideology should have been long ago condemned in a resolute and clear-cut manner by the official institutions of democratic and united Europe. This process has been delayed rather long, in my opinion, and this has its high price. However, as it is said, better late than never. This is the reason why I ardently support your and of your colleagues from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe initiative for international condemnation of communism. This is a worthy act of moral retribution and deference towards millions of people who had been deprived from their lives, and to those who had been caused a great deal of suffering and humiliation. I am convinced that this act will have its substantial projection both in the day of tomorrow and in the farther future days. Communism was a dreadful phenomenon, and this is a truth learnt by painful experience that should be remembered and known; and we must not allow under one form or another the emergence of communism's or similar recurrences. What is more, the still alive remains and mutations of communism should be discerned, unmasked and to be confronted by our moral intolerance and irreconcilability.
And having in mind that truth is the strongest means and cures against violence and tyranny, I propose the following text to be included:

"The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe INSIST that within a year from the passing of this resolution the archives from the period of communist rule in the countries of the former Eastern Block to be made publicly accessible to the maximum extent and in the frame of maximum simplified procedures.

This should be done in strict observance of human rights.

Meanwhile it is absolutely necessary that accessibility procedures to these documents for independent researchers, journalists, historians and analysts be different, as follows: free to the highest degree, while at the same time these groups of people, after being preliminary and expressly informed, will shoulder responsibility for any eventual breach of other people's rights. Not any institution under any pretext of prevention should have the right to refuse access, such that will limit their opportunity to form complete and objective opinion, as well as will impede them in researching in depth the problems they are working on.

Likewise, names of people, who have worked for the former secret services and at other key institutions, responsible for the position strengthening, functioning and preservation of the communist regime and state, must not be concealed under any form from interested persons who would want to know about them. The same also refers to the facts and circumstances concerning the specific activities of the persons at service at these institutions.

A core issue in the process of motion towards utmost accessibility of the archives of the former communist countries should be the problem with the access to the archives of the former secret services and repression bodies."
Yours truly,
Todor Yanakiev
Journalist, researcher, analyst and publicist

full text >


I support the draft resolution.

Dr. Ivan Bonev
Varna (Bulgaria)


Dear Mr. Van der Linden,

I support unconditionally your move to propose a draft resolution for international condemnation of totalitarian communism to PACE. Communist ideology is unsurpassed in its cruelty and retrograde nature. All who had the misfortune to be born and live under Communism know that only very well. Under Communism, thousands of Bulgarians were illegally tortured and destroyed in camps and in prisons; scores were displaced and sent into exile, lost their jobs and their homes and property, were expelled from universities and high schools. Their families and children were considered “enemies of the people” and deprived of all rights to study or work. The economics was destroyed, agriculture neglected and private initiative suppressed. For illustration, you can simply read the precise descriptions of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

Humanity has already rightly condemned the Holocaust and Hitler’s regime. It is high time to condemn Communism, the worst crime against humanity.

Dafne Batchvarova
Sofia, Bulgaria


Dear Mr. Van der Linden,

I SUPPORT wholeheartedly the draft resolution for international condemnation of totalitarian communism proposed by you to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The motion could not have been more timely. While the world is rightly condemning the crimes committed by Nazi Germany in the Holocaust, little or next to nothing is known of the true nature of Communism and its far-reaching genocidal policy. In addition, while the Sovietologists in and outside Russia are doing their best to reveal the truth of Communist-inspired extermination of large masses of the population in the former Soviet Union, there is no insight into the nature of Communist crimes in smaller members of the former Soviet block.

In Bulgaria, which was forcefully occupied by the Red Army in 1944, thousands upon thousands of completely innocent and politically non-committed people were murdered or illegally sent to labour camps. The political elite and opposition were physically exterminated in 1948. The population of villages and smaller towns was sometimes decimated. The intelligentsia in particular was subject to imprisonment, torture, humiliation and murder en mass.

I feel particularly strongly about Communism since four members of my family disappeared without trace on 7 June 1946 from home: my father, my brother in law, my uncle and a cousin. Their guilt? They did not support the Communist take-over. Their fate? No record of what has been done to them, no trace of any document.

Even worse was what was done to my country. In the 40+ years of Communist rule, the economics of the country was ruined and the national morale destroyed. Generations were taught that their loyalty was not to Bulgaria but to the Soviet big brother; to the point that medical students did not take the Hippocrat oath but an oath to be loyal “to the socialist code of behaviour” and if fire broke in any of the major state establishments, the instruction read to call the Soviet Embassy first, and then the fire-brigade.

In memory of all those who perished under Communism in my country, I firmly support the anticommunist resolution.

Yours sincerely,
Aglika Markova,
Sofia, Bulgaria


I fully support Mr. van der Linden's proposal and I thing it's high time to take these measures thus achieving the following two goals: 1. to condemn the methods of ruling (dictatorship) through which the lives of four generations have been destroyed for the benefit of a small group of criminals; 2. to send the message to my generation and to the next generations, because due to the post communist former functionaries' manipulations the idea of democracy and the atrocities of the communist regime were diffused and people cannot have a clear idea of the events that let to the economic collapse of the state and to the moral degradation of its population.

Nicola Rogachev (24 years old)


I support the draft resolution!

Maria Stoyanova, Sofia


I support unconditionally the draft resolution!

L. Racheva


There is no crime in the history of mankind bigger than communism. Bulgaria will be doomed if we do not manage to break away from it. Exposing communist crimes is a topic of utmost importance and that's why the European condemnation of communism is more important to us than the accession to NATO and to the EU. I support it beyond dispute and with great hope.

Ivo Kirilov


Mr. Rene Van Der Linden
Chairman EPP/CD
Parliamentary Assembly
of the Council of Europe

Dear Mr. Van Der Linden,

I truly admire and support your initiative to pass a resolution in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, condemning totalitarian communism.

The lack of strong and unequivocal moral verdict over the communist regimes still poisons the societies in the former Eastern-block countries and is a major obstacle on their road to real freedom, democracy and the adoption of western values. This is particularly true in a country like Bulgaria, where communism was imposed with great repression and where the control of the totalitarian state was complete in all aspects of life. Many people from my generation, born after the full establishment of the communist regime, were brought up to believe that we were living in a better and more just society. (The evident discrepancies between propaganda and reality one would attribute to imperfections of the implementation, not of the doctrine itself.) Behind the "iron curtain" this was made possible by the total distortion of the historical truth and the political picture of the world in the schools, the media and all accessible written documents. Fear often kept the information about the communist repressions, the cooked-up political trials, the murders without trial and the atrocities in the concentration camps, inside the closest family, hidden from large portions of society.

Sadly, 14 years after the fall of the communist regime, the truth about the real nature of communism in my country is having hard time coming to light. The files of the communist secret police are closed. The majority of the influential media are controlled by people, associated with that same secret police. Historical texts avoid "controversial" judgments of the communist past and communism is far from being treated as an evil, equal to that of nazism. The country is still covered by communist monuments and new ones are springing up. Large groups of society have sunk into apathy and moral relativism, in which western democracy and Soviet communism are considered symmetric. Such western values as personal freedom, human dignity and respect for the rights and dignity of others are of very low priority. The former communist leaders have skillfully exploited the western democratic phraseology on political freedom and human rights to avoid any substantive or moral sanctions against themselves.

I believe that our society needs help in ridding itself from the communist doctrine, still poisoning its collective consciousness. Your act, dear Mr. Van Der Linden, is a very important step in that direction. Other possible actions by western politicians could include refusing European recognition for the former communist parties unless the latter break with their communist past, passing recommendations to the member states for adoption of legislation against totalitarian communist propaganda, passing recommendations for special legislation concerning communist crimes against humanity.

Yours truly,

Orlin Stoytchev
Associate Professor of Physics,
American University in Bulgaria


I hereby express my thorough support for the draft CEPA Resolution on international condemnation of communism.

Ivanka Djapunova


Dear Sir,

I would like to express the support of the all members of my family of this draft-resolution to convict of the crimes done by communism. The idea to join to this subscription is of my mother - Maria Nikolova Tepsieva.
The others - we are: Elena Stefanova Tepsieva, Zlatin Stefanov Tepsiev, Vania Enuva Tepsieva, Stefan Zlatinov Tepsiev. Thank you for your efforts to do all necessary to obtain a justice for all of us.

Your gratefully:
Elena Tepsieva


Dear Mr. van der Linden,

We wholeheartedly support and thank you for the initiative to submit a draft resolution to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on condemnation of communism. When the communist dictatorship was established in our country we were children so we have been experiencing its anti-human nature for more than half a century now.

Democracy is a manifestation of spirit - contrary to the terrorist ideology and organization of communism justifying and bringing into action the destructive nature of the human character: violence, hatred, lies and fear. The communist state and ideology have crashed quickly and irretrievably but a mentality, deprived of human values, is still alive. And the 14-year period of transition towards establishing a state, governed by the rule of law, is a proof thereof. Lies, murders, thefts, hypocrisy, manipulations, and corruption - an organised chaos is spreading in all levels of society. We support every initiative to condemn communism in order to break away from communism and its recidivisms forever and to express our solidarity with all the people of the world who believe in the values of Democracy - humane principles guiding peoples' life and behaviour, freedom, tolerance, honesty, truth; the young people must know that if they want to live in harmony with themselves and their environment, they will have to resist powers of evil such as totalitarianism and communism in full conscience.

Sincerely yours,
Elka G. Baliucheva, Sofia


Dear Mr. Linden,

I support thoroughly the idea for international condemnation of the totatlitarian communism. The measures to be followed after such a resolution should also include actions towards decommunisation of the former communist countries as well as towards destruction of some long living in the society myths for the commusm in both former socialiast camp and, also important, in Western Europe.

Sincerely Yours
Vesselin Tonchev


I fully support the draft resolution for condemnation of the communist ideology.

Stoian Lutsknanov
Sofia - Bulgaria


Dear Mr. Van Linden,

I would like to thank you and your group for the initiation of a resolution condemning Communism and to express my full support for it.
Freedom cannot thrive if the doctrines and practices of Communism and Nazism are not exposed and condemned.
The attempt to minimize the criminal and antihuman character of Communism as compared to Nacism has had damaging effect on the newly liberated countries.
It creates moral confusion and uncertainty and breeds cynicism and scepticism towards justice and law.
It is important to prove that the values which the new democracies want to share with the west are not false or volatile.
This is what makes your initiative so significant and deserving full and unconditioned support.

Yours most sincerely:
Philip Dimitrov,
Prime Minister of Bulgaria (1991-92)
Bulgaria's Ambassador to the UN and US (1997-2002)


Dear Mr. van der Linden,
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I support Anticommunism van der Linden Resolution. I would like to believe that in some time it will be a part World politics as one of the necessary conditions for Sustainable development and Harmonic existence of our Civilization.

With best wishes!

Strachimir Chterev Mavrodiev

October 16, 2003


I fully support the draft resolution.

Rayna Ivanova

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