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Measures to dismantle the heritage of former communist totalitarian systems

International Round Table Discussion “PACE Resolution 1096 and the Problems of Its Enforcement in Some Countries of the Former Socialist Camp”

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At last

by Djanko Markov

There is something fateful and memorable in the fact, that this monument is raised in the middle of the capital of the United States.. The American people suffered not a single day under the communist joke. Behind the motives to build it exactly here in Washington are common human solidarity and ethics. This is a monument, which memorizes the truth, that after the end of the most bloody war in human history many nations were left under cruel oppression and million human beings – deprived not only of liberty, but also of their life.

The new Memorial in Washington is a monument of the two young Germans who fell in 1953 gunned down by Soviet tanks. A monument was immediately built using the surrounding pavement, which survived only for two hours. But today the Memorial in Washington is also their eternal monument. It is also a monument of the participants and victims of the Hungarian “Rhapsody 1956” , when the Hungarian people arose to claim their freedom and the future of their country and all mankind. This is a monument of Jan Palach – the Prague student , who put himself on fire, the first citizen of Europe, who burned in flames, to announce to the whole world his protest against the oppressive occupation of his fatherland by the military forces of the international communist Satan. A monument also for the thousands of Bulgarians, sacrificed for their will to remain faithful to their Country, Liberty and Dignity.

But this is also a monument for President Kennedy, who, from the wall dividing Berlin and the world shouted: All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words 'Ich bin ein Berliner!'”. This is a monument also of President Reagan, who from the same Berlin wall with a hand pointing to the East pronounced the fateful words: Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall!

The great powers, when they through their leaders do a good deed, it becomes a great deed, because it influences the fate of vast number of people. But when the statesmen of the great powers err, their errors become great and grave mistakes. ??? The memorial consecrated by President George Bush carries a shadow. This is the great mistake of the statesmen, who at the end of the WWII gave way to the advance of the aggressive and tyrannical global communism, thereby allowing the suffering and the huge number of victims worldwide.

The monument symbolizes the sincerity of America and it’s will to act to reinforce freedom, truth and justice in the whole world.

That is why today, we can state with confidence: after the opening of the Memorial in Washington the world will never be the same!


Editorial in the newspaper Istina (Truth)
Translation from Bulgarian by Constantin C. Chipev, Ph.D.

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